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Friday, April 16, 2021

  Classroom Maps - Map Racks & Mounting Hardware

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Many different types of fixtures and hardware are available for displaying pull-down roller maps -
Questions? Call 330-668-6643 or email for a quick personal response.

Note: When viewing individual items, click on the item image, then click on Full Image. Click and drag the image window borders or double click on the top blue bar to expand to full screen. Double click on the top bar again to reduce the image window.

1 Button Single Map Holder
Best for mounting roller maps on stud framed walls
Use one for each side of the hanging map
For roller maps with 1.5" backboards

Price $14.95

Wide Board Combo Map Holder
Fits 2.75" open-end backboards used on many multiple map sets with 3 or more maps
Mounts directly to the wall

Price $18.00

4 Map Metal Rack
Holds 4 single roller maps
19.25"W x 10.5"H x 8"D

Price $99.00

8 Map Metal Rack
Holds 8 single roller maps
44"W x 26"H

Price $139.00

Tripod Stand
Portable, collapsible and adjustable
Displays single or 2 map combo roller maps with 1.5" backboard

Price $115.00


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